Paola Navone

Категория: Интерьер квартиры, дома

Paola Navone
Paola Navone
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The colors and shapes of Paola Navone's world are daring, they're colorful, they respond to many and various currents, and they're never boring. Born in Turin, the architect and designer thinks in global terms. In the very best sense, she is a citizen of the world. Navone's work opens up for us a world full of life and warmth, a world which is intriguing yet still, for all its creative crackle, highly accessible. She's an architect of exteriors and interiors, a designer, curator, art director, and events organizer - crossing borders is what Paola Navone's life is all about. She does it continuously, in her travels and in her work. Her output bears the imprint of solid training and impressive professional experience, but also of her own personal experiences and a most particular passion for the craft traditions of various cultures and epochs. Paola Navone spent 21 years living in Africa and Asia, and the influences she absorbed keep shimmering through her designs. She graduated...