The Old Patagonian Express

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The Old Patagonian Express
The Old Patagonian Express
Пол Теру
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Penguin Books Ltd.
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THE OLD PATAGONIAN EXPRESS tells of Paul Theroux's train journey down the length of North and South America. Beginning on Boston's subway, he depicts a voyage from ice-bound Massachusetts to the arid plateau of Argentina's most southerly tip, via pretty Central American towns and the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu. Sweating and shivering by turns as the temperature and altitude rise and plummet, he describes the people he encounters - thrown in with the tedious and unavoidable Mr Thornberry in Limon, or reading to the legendary blind writer Jorge Luis Borges in Buenos Aires. Witty, sharply observed and beautifully written, this is a richly evocative account of travelling to "the end of the line".
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