Funnybones: A Brilliant Bone-rattling Collection

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Funnybones: A Brilliant Bone-rattling Collection
Funnybones: A Brilliant  Bone-rattling Collection
Allan Ahlberg,Андре Амстатс
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This is a collection of the perennially popular "Funny Bones" books by Allan Ahlberg. Celebrate thirty years of "Funnybones" with the spooky "A Brilliant Bone-rattling Collection" which contains three stories from Allan Ahlberg's, iconic children's picture book series about skeletons: "The Ghost Train", "Bumps in the Night" and "Skeleton Crew". This collection is perfect for early readers! In this big book with its bright colours there is a dark house and in that dark house in a dark cellar live some ...skeletons! Allan Ahlberg has published over 100 children's books and with his late wife Janet, created many award-winning children's picture books. The Ahlbergs' books are nursery bookshelf standards and have been the recipient of worldwide acclaim and awards, including the Kate Greenaway Medal. Look out for these other classics by Allan Ahlberg: "Burglar Bill"; "Cops and Robbers"; "Each Peach Pear Plum"; "The One and Only Two Heads"; "Son of a Gun"; "The Little Worm Book"; "Two Wheels Two Heads"; "Funny Bones"; "A Pair of Sinners"; "Happy Families"; "Peepo!" ; "The Ha Ha Bonk Book"; "Help Your Child to Read"; "Ten in a Bed"; "Please mrs Butler"; "Daisy Chains"; "Yum Yum"; "Playmates"; "Foldaways"; "Woof"; "The Cinderella Show"; "The Jolly Postman"; "The Jolly Christmas Postman"; "The Jolly Pocket Postman"; "The Clothes Horse and Other Stories"; "The Mighty Slide"; "Starting School"; "Heard it in the Playground"; "The Bear Nobody Wanted"; "It was a Dark and Stormy Night"; "The Giant Baby"; "Baby Sleeps"; "Blue Buggy"; "Doll and Teddy"; "See the Rabbit"; "Please Mrs Butler"; "The Better Brown Stories"; and "The Boyhood of Burglar Bill".
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