PPAR? gene polymorphisms and Infertility

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PPAR? gene polymorphisms and Infertility
PPAR? gene polymorphisms and Infertility
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Infertility is one of the prevalent disorders among communities, especially in women of childbearing age. Today, ART (assisted reproductive technology) such as IVF(in-vitro fertilization) and ICSI(Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) are used for treatment of infertile couples. Genetic factors have a crucial role in fertility and fetal development and the success of ART can be highly effected by these factors. In the present study, the relationship between HIS447His and Pro12Ala polymorphisms of PPAR? gene and also the PPAR? protein level with the number of oocyte and fertility rate in women candidate for IVF has been investigated. According of the results of this study two common polymorphisms in PPAR? gene may have an important role in-vitro fertilization and possibly rate. In addition no significant relation was found between PPAR? protein concentration in granoloza cell and the ART success rate.