Serum Glycoproteins as prognosticator in Head & Neck Cancer

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Serum Glycoproteins as prognosticator in Head & Neck Cancer
Serum Glycoproteins as prognosticator in Head & Neck Cancer
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Cancer is one of the most formidable health problems facing mankind today. High serum glycoprotein values are well documented in cancer patients & reported to be correlated with clinical staging, prognosis & early recurrence in cancer patients. Study was aimed to know prognostic significance of glycoproteins (Protein Bound Hexose PBH, Fucose and Total Sialic acid TSA) in oral cancer patients. Total of 56 patients with different stages of oral cancer & 20 healthy individuals were selected at random & subjected to biochemical analysis. 31 patients were available for 6 months & 1 year follow up. Significant elevation was observed in levels of serum glycoproteins in all oral cancer patients when compared to control group & increased levels correlated well with clinical stages of malignancies. Post treatment levels were significantly decreased in all the serum glycoproteins except in TSA where it increased in stage III & IV. It was noted that levels in 2 recurrent cases were also decreased soon after treatment but again started increasing in 6 months & one year follow up. It was concluded that PBH, Fucose & TSA levels indicate tumor burden and later proved to be better prognostic marker
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