Hypertension in a rural area of Manipur

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Hypertension in a rural area of Manipur
Hypertension in a rural area of Manipur
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Hypertension, the silent killer is prevalent worldwide and is emerging as a major public health problem in India. Though it is a risk factor for various cardiovascular disorders, it has its own risk factors too. So far limited numbers of studies have been conducted in the North Eastern States of India for revealing its prevalence and awareness. Manipur differs from rest of the nation regarding geographic condition, climate, food habit, level of education, culture & practice, ethnicity of population etc. All these factors may have a role in determining blood pressure level of the inhabitants of this area. This study was conducted in a rural area of Churachandpur District of Manipur, India to reveal the prevalence, correlates and the level of awareness regarding hypertension among adults. This book will be helpful for clinicians and medical students pursuing postgraduate course in Community Medicine for understanding the problem of hypertension among rural and tribal communities of North-eastern India.
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