Cancer Prevention and Control

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Cancer Prevention and Control
Cancer Prevention and Control
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This work aims to evaluate the cancer control and prevention in Gaza Governorates in order to provide information that could contribute to identify the gaps in the strategy existence and development. Qualitative data included interviews with key informants as well focus groups with cancer patients. The quantitative data was represented by four checklists that identified the number of the available beds and rooms for patients, available health care human resources, diagnostic equipment and exploring the completeness of cancer patient?s files. The results of the study revealed that there are gaps in the strategy of cancer control in Gaza starting from planning up to implementation. Those gaps are mainly related to poor financial and administrative coordination, shortages in health care human resources and inadequate staffing, inappropriate infrastructure of oncology buildings and deficiencies in necessary equipment and supplies. The study recommended enhancing the available cancer strategy as well as adopting advanced policies for cancer prevention and palliative care. In addition, to improve the infrastructure of both facilities and human resources for cancer control.
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