Tuberculosis Case Detection in Kenya

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Tuberculosis Case Detection in Kenya
Tuberculosis Case Detection in Kenya
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Kenya continues to hold the unenviable position of being among the 22 high TB burden countries, partly due to factors such as HIV and delayed case finding among others. Tuberculosis Case Detection in Kenya: Barriers and Solutions explores the reasons for delayed and sub-optimal TB detection in Kenya. It seeks to understand these from both informal and formal service providers, some of whom have been blamed for the diagnostic delays. It presents both patient and health-system barriers - with the majority being health-system related - and goes ahead to propose solutions to these barriers. This book also describes the Kenyan Health System to set the stage for understanding of the context within which optimal TB detection happens or fails to happen. While political devolution beginning in 2013 has changed the structure of health system, most of what is described here remains relevant. This book is a good read for policy makers, government agencies implementing TB services including the National TB, Leprosy and Lung Disease Unit (NTLD-Unit), implementing partners and NGOs in Kenya as well as in other regions facing similar challenges.
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