Nanocarriers for Ocular Therapeutics

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Nanocarriers for Ocular Therapeutics
Nanocarriers for Ocular Therapeutics
Gaurav Kumar Jain,Roop K Khar and Farhan J Ahmad
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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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Ocular drug delivery is one of the most interesting and challenging endeavours because the anatomy and physiology of the eye render this organ exquisitely impervious to foreign substances including drugs. Conventional ocular formulations are no longer adequate and currently, nanocarriers for delivering drugs to the eye is emerging as an important area of drug delivery research. This book, therefore, focuses on PLGA-chitosan Nanoplexes as novel nanocarriers for ocular therapeutics. The development of Nanoplex carriers, their uptake mechanism and interaction with ocular surface, and their use for the treatment of ocular keratitis are discussed. The results should help shed some light on the use of these novel nanocarriers for ocular therapeutics, and should be especially useful to researchers or scientists working in the field of nanotechnology and drug delivery, pharmaceutical companies dealing with ocular therapeutics, and upto some extent to professionals...