Functioning of VHND in Jagatsinghpur district of Orissa

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Functioning of VHND in Jagatsinghpur district of Orissa
Functioning of VHND in Jagatsinghpur district of Orissa
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This work is an original research work carried out in the rural area of Jagatsinghpur district of Orissa(India). VHND program incorporates services for pregnant women, lactating mothers, children under 5 years of age along with adolescent girls. Ante-natal and post-natal services, growth monitoring of children under five years, etc. are the various types of services given to the beneficiaries. Health education according to a health calendar is also provided. Distribution of deworming and iron tablets as prophylaxis for anemia prevention is also provided to the adolescent girls. This work has made an attempt to evaluate the functioning of VHND in a rural district of Orissa, India. Many of the important issues have come up during the evaluation and recommendations for the same have been incorporated in the dissertation.
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Региональное и этническое своеобразие Византии на примере культуры повседневности
Культурология, культура
...Глава I. Культура повседневной жизни византийцев, обусловившая Региональное и этническое своеобразие
§1.Культура повседневной жизни вне городов
§2.Коммуникации в государстве
§3.Культура повседневной жизни в городах
Глава II. Своеобразие предметов обихода и гардероба византийцев как Элементов культуры повседневности
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