The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Six Other Stories

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Six Other Stories
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Six Other Stories
Фрэнсис Скотт Кей Фицджеральд
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Penguin Books Ltd.
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Full grown with a long, smoke-coloured beard, requiring the services of a cane and fonder of cigars than warm milk, Benjamin Button is a very curious baby indeed. And, as Benjamin becomes increasingly youthful with the passing years, his family wonders why he persists in the embarrassing folly of living in reverse. In this imaginative fable of ageing and the other tales collected here - including "The Cut-Glass Bowl", in which an ill-meant gift haunts a family's misfortunes, "The Four Fists", where a man's life is shaped by a series of punches to his face, and the revelry, mobs and anguish of "May Day" - F. Scott Fitzgerald displays his unmatched gift as a writer of short stories.
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