The Nice and the Good

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The Nice and the Good
The Nice and the Good
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A work of coruscating moral brilliance, The Nice and the Good revolves around a happily married couple, Kate and Octavian, and the friends of all ages attached to their house in Dorset. The novel deals with love in its many aspects, as embodied in a fascinating array of characters. The resonant sub plot involves murder and black magic in Whitehall, as the novel leads us through stress and terror to a profoundly joyous conclusion. "A masterpiece by reason of its profound moral vitality, and the projection of that life into the conduct and motives of her characters" Country Life "Pulsing through these complex adventures in lust and crime is brilliant moral clarity. Just as Jane Austen defines moral categories like "sense" and "sensibility" in her novels, so Iris Murdoch creates new constellations of meaning around those stand-bys of ordinary language, the nice and the good" Newsweek Формат: 13 см x 19,5 см.
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