Категория: Современная зарубежная проза на английском языке

Vonnegut Kurt
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Long, long ago, as he researched into the origin of species, Charles Darwin had been inspired by the creatures of the Galapagos. Now, a million years on, the new inhabitants of the islands - the human survivors of the "Nature Cruise of the Century" - have quietly evolved into sleek, furry creatures with flippers, and small brains. All other forms of humankind have ceased to exist, finally made redundant by their own inventions. All that survives of their Big-Brain Culture is contained in Mandarax, a tiny electronic marvel which can recall any one of twenty thousand popular quotations from world literature, as well as translate among a thousand languages. Unfortunately, Mandarax doesn't understand Kanka-Bono, the language of the cannibals who have arrived to "look after" the new humanity...