Roxana. The Fortunate Mistress

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Roxana. The Fortunate Mistress
Roxana. The Fortunate Mistress
Defoe Daniel
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A vivid satire on a dissolute society, Roxana is a devastating evocation of the ways in which vanity and ambition can corrupt the human soul. Beautiful and proud Roxana is terrified of being poor. When her husband leaves her penniless with five children, she must choose between being a virtuous beggar or a rich whore. Embarking on a career as a courtesan and kept woman, the glamour of her new existence soon becomes too enticing and Roxana passes from man to man in order to maintain her lavish society parties, luxurious clothes and amassed wealth. But this life comes at a cost, and she is fatally torn between the sinful prosperity she has become used to and the respectability she craves.